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As a former customer of ExtenZe™, I wrote this page to set the record straight about Male Enhancement and Penis Enlargement products!

First of all, there are 3 major points to live by:

1. The ExtenZe™ Free trials are just a marketing scam! They are not free! They are just a simple ploy to get your credit card details so that the company can constantly bill you each and every month until eternity! That's a Fact! Companies that offer "free trials" make it almost impossible to cancel the hidden subscription service that you don't even know you are subscribing to. Also, any 7 or 14 day free trial is absolutely useless when evaluating a product because penis enlargement takes time to see results. Nothing will happen within the 7 day "free trial" period except that your credit card will be charged a minimum $40 upwards of $100 for the first month supply whether you wanted it or not! These extra charges begin even before you get your free trial sample in the mail!.... PERIOD!
Solution: Save Your Money! You will require more than a one month supply of ExtenZe™ in order for the product to work as advertised. I recommend that you buy multiple packages from the cheapest ExtenZe™ wholesaler on the net right from the start and avoid the autobilling nightmare! Click here for the official ExtenZe™ site to learn more.

2. Quality Customer Support. Do not order any product online until you know that the company actually has open lines of communication with it's customers. This does not include a simple call center "Order Only" phone number. Companies that offer "Live Help Chat" is the best way to know if they would be there in the time of need such as when you need refills or refunds. Also beware of automated text or fake "live chat" customer service windows.
Solution: Ask a "tricky" question and see if it is a real person on the other end before you make the purchase if you do have any questions about the product. A simple company email is not good enough!

3. Quality Ingredients. The correct dosage of high quality ingredients is the key to a successful penis enlargement supplement. Cheap products = cheap ingredients. Learning what each of these specific ingredients do is not what matters, but rather finding a product that has the proper ingredients in it, is really what matters most. ExtenZe™ contained most of the ingredients required for successful male enhancement but not all of them!
Solution: The only products that I found to have all of the required scientifically and medically proven ingredients in them were either "EnhanceRx™ , and VigRxPlus™. After a little research on the net I replaced my ExtenZe™ with EnhanceRx™.
EnhanceRx™ is about the same price as ExtenZe™ but it packs a bigger punch while VigRxPlus™ cuts a little deeper into the wallet. I have yet to try VigRxPlus™ simply because money is tight at the moment but more importantly I am very happy with my results from the EnhanceRx™ system so there is no need.

I am also proud to say that EnhanceRx™ is also the Top Selling Enlargement Pill in the USA since 2006. I only wish I found it sooner.

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#1 - EnhanceRx™
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If you want to learn more about penis enlargement in general then I have listed the only site I could find that I feel you can trust 100%. You will be happy to know that they have reviewed in detail the EnhanceRx™ pill I have tried with great success as well as the others like ExtenZe™ and VigRxPlus™ that I mentioned above! Here is a link to the website: http://male-enhancement-products.com.

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The results are clear to see, the proof is unquestionable...Penis Pills are the fastest, easiest and safest way to increase your penis size in just a few short months.

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Listen up...Your road to success in penis enlargement will begin today but only if you remember these key points that I uncovered during my search in finding the best product:

1 You Need to be Aware of the Potential Scams. That’s a must. You need to distinguish between what is real and what is just marketing hype. The information on this page will help you. There is no product on the market that can give you 3" of new size in just a few short weeks! Penis enlargement takes time. My penis didn't show any substantial new size until well into the second month of continued use.
Please note:
It usually takes about 12 weeks to begin to see the results most men are after.

2 Money Back Guarantees? - Because penis enlargement takes time I recommend that you should only purchase a product that offers at minimum a 60 day guarantee. I found that the companies that offered relatively short 30 day guarantees were basically useless and proved that they didn't stand behind their own products.
Please note:
Even though some companies offer money back guarantees, it is another thing to actually honor the guarantee. You will be pleased to know that brands like EnhanceRx™ and VigRxPlus™ do honor their guarantees for the full 60 days.

2 Do Penis Pills Give Permanent Results? - Results gained solely from penis pills are almost never permanent unless accompanied with a penis exercise program. A good analogy to this would be weight lifting and weight lifting supplements. Supplements are not designed to reside permanently in your system. However when used with an exercise program the more supplements you take and exercises you do, the larger you will become. You will be happy to know that the EnhanceRx™ pill comes with a penis exercise ebook!

2 Do Penis Exercises Work? - In order for any penis exercise program to work as advertised you would have to combine them with herbal supplements as I stated above. Only by combining herbal supplements with a penis exercise regimen will you achieve the results you are looking for.
Please note:
Do not waste your money on an exercise membership site because you can get the exercise programs 100% Free! I received a free penis exercise ebook with my EnhanceRx™ pills purchase and saved $30!

Now that you know what to watch out for, your quest for a larger penis can start easily, today!

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I will say it again.. You can get the exercise guide 100% Free with any purchase of EnhanceRx™ pills today! Save money!

Remember that EnhanceRx™ comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That means that the makers of EnhanceRx™ stand behind their product so that you too can be completely confident that it will work for you or your money back.

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